Addict is LIVE

It’s finally here. Release day. The moment many authors both love and fear. For me release day is the time I finally get to share what I’ve been working on and the excitement is real. The fear part comes in realizing, the project you’ve been working so hard on is now no longer in your hands. It’s in the readers and you can only hope that you’ve given them something they’ll love as much as you do.

So, here we are, I hope I’ve given you something you will love as much as I do. Addict is live and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

Available on all platforms now.

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Love, Ivy

Published by Ivy Love

Ivy Love is a paralegal by day and writer by night. When she's not working or writing, she can be found playing with her rescue dogs. Want to stay in the know for all things Ivy Love, check out her website: You can also visit her Facebook page for her latest updates: Ivy writes keep you on your toes, romantic suspense with a twist and dark romance. She's been writing her whole life and publishing since 2017. Ivy currently lives on the East Coast, but she's bounced back and forth across the country. She loves reading, horror movies and animals. Whether you end of liking her books or not, she appreciates that you took the time to read the books she loves to share.

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